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Elite Vocal Ensemble is a community vocal group comprised of young people, ages 12-18, who have great vocal ability, a passion for singing, and can learn vocal music at a fast-paced level; Located in Spring Hope and Wilson, North Carolina.

501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization


“What I love about Elite is that it’s about more than the music. Of course, we sing, we learn, we take direction. But, the best part about Elite is the connection we get to feel with each other through sharing and experiencing this art together. It’s harmonious.”


"The Elite Vocal Ensemble helps grow my love for music in so many ways. Every time we'd sing together as a group and we would harmonize, It gave me chills every single time we sang together. I love singing even more now than I did before I joined the group. I thank y'all for that."



“I love Elite because we are family. Even if you have moved on, there is always going to be the love that we have all shared. Just like the song we sang, “Family of Love,” I truly believe that that’s what we are. Elite gives you hope, courage, and is a light to so many people. Not only the people, but the music and the laughter, bring so many people joy every single day.”



“The Elite experience brought awareness to how we should treat others and the world around us.” -DeVonté

“I like Elite Vocal Ensemble because it’s a great way to make new friends and learn a lot more about your own voice, while also trying to find your own voice.” -Kaudia

“I love that Elite is like a huge family. Not only do we sing but we build relationships that last a lifetime.”



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